1. The Right to Privacy

2. The Right to Self Identify

3. The Right to Self-Ownership

This is not some vision of a distant future, this is an online world attainable in our own time. Today is the dawn of the Trusted Network.

A New Dawn, The Age of the Trusted Network

You know — Trust is the center, the standard must be our own selves.

People review our private information just to see if…

Dating scams are the most reported form of consumer fraud that exists today

Fraudsters view every online service as a vehicle for crime.

Trust. It’s what you do.
Nearly all features on the online services we use most are there in order to Build Trust.

Our online world offers many benefits, Trust is not one of them.

When we consider what the online world offers; limitless communications and connections across borders and boundaries. The internet is the most compelling tool humanity has yet created.

We get more more communications, more connections, more information but we get less of something as well.

We get less Trust

Think of the Online Services You Use Most

Your digital identity does not come with an expiration date, you can not lose it or misplace it

You might never stop to think about it, but you have a digital identity that is living right along with you.

You are who you create. The things you author online such as profiles and blogs are your living digital footprint. By definition, these creations are your digital self. This…

Who are you paying to pass value judgement over your most intimate confidential information?

Stolen identity is the number one security issue online. This is because identity is always the weakest link. If you want to get passed the gate? Identity is where you do it.

COVID-19 has pushed global society even further online while our ability to know who we’re talking to, remains…

How a New York City tech startup is confronting Twitter deepfakes and verifying authentic profiles lacking fame enough for Twitter Verify.

You might recognize some of these folks, or maybe they never even existed at all.

In today’s world, it can seem strange that so many unassuming, ordinary people have apparently decided to dedicate the entirety of their online identity to unwaveringly supportive, perfectly articulated…

Jesse Tayler

Building great software and stuff like that.

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