A New Dawn, The Age of the Trusted Network

A New Dawn, The Age of the Trusted Network

You know — Trust is the center, the standard must be our own selves.

Today, we live in a world Online, and we are forced to continually reassert our own identity. We slavishly submit by referring to government authority as if our own-selves came from an ID Card we use to Drive or to Fish.

People review our private information just to see if we are, who we already are, and this judgement is biased. Furthermore, transfer of private information is the root cause of all this identity theft in the first place.

Confirming identity without review or approval by authority is an essential human right.

In the digital world, it is completely possible for a citizen to confirm identity where nothing is stored or processed so fraudsters nor governments can not possibly unearth, obtain or detect anything, even forensic.

TruAnon offers no means for a private service to discover which identity responds to a question, you cannot be looked up but you offer a chain of confirmations that demonstrate controlling ownership over whatever answer is required. This answer is known to come from the source, never an outdated copy or result of any manual review.

Prove your own identity, your car insurance and driver’s lic. It’s all “living digital footprints” in this online world we live in. This data is already yours and whatever accounts you already use to maintain your digital life can all be identified as your own.

In a social context, trust is the basis for everything people do together online. We need to assert our own trusted legitimacy visibly online and TruAnon does this beautifully.

By providing a public identity profile, anyone can assert their own legitimacy simply by showcasing things they already use to showoff their digital lives. This is like extending a hand of good-faith and genuine accountability. TruAnon tabulates this public accountability and distills this confidence down to a badge-of-trust, much like what Twitter affords famous people but one that is equally available to all who want it.

This trust protects your privacy. Whether Dating online or hiring a handyman what legitimate members need is genuine accountability between parties. The kind we used to have before this era of digital communications.

Today is a new dawn.

The Age of the Trusted Internet.

Communities thrive and grow when members control how they share and view one another’s online identities. Visit truanon.com and strengthen your business.